Population of Ireland has Invaded USA Since Biden’s Inauguration

Nearly 4.9 million illegal aliens have entered the USA since January 2021.

To put that in perspective, that’s roughly the population of the entire country of Ireland!

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According to immigration watchdog group “The Federation for American Immigration Reform,” since Biden took office our border has seen 3.9 million illegal crossings and roughly 900,000 undetected “gotaways.”

And that isn’t just a problem for border cities and states, it’s an American problem that can no longer be ignored.

Beyond just the illegal immigrants pouring in to stress our infrastructure, courts, law enforcement, schools and pocket books, there are also high amounts of deadly drugs being trafficked into our interior.

Whether these people are simply coming for work or a better life or with nefarious and criminal intentions, it is not sustainable.

I feel for these people and understand why they are coming, but it isn’t fair to ask legal immigrants and American citizens to foot this bill or deal with this influx.

Where is Joe Biden? Where is border czar Kamala Harris? This is beyond a crisis, this is an invasion of epic proportions and those tasked with protecting the integrity of our nation are asleep at the wheel or just don’t care.

Build the wall. Enforce the border!

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