Gender Neutral NYC

New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation to gender-neutralize and wokeify titles in her state.

Here we go again.

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In a state where you can sucker punch someone in the back of the head and be let out of jail hours later, it’s surprising that gender neutralizing job titles would be at the forefront but…then again… welcome to New York.

Democrats in New York advocated for and passed legislation that will do away with terms such as “salesman” “councilman” and “inmate” as well as replace the pronouns “his and her” with “their.”

This is part of yet another pathetic and waste of time endeavor to distract from real problems and instead, send off woke virtue signals.

But this shouldn’t come as a surprise, we know Democrats are quite fond of redefining words to make themselves seem effective.

According to their dictionary of definitions, we aren’t in a recession, our border isn’t open, crime isn’t rampant and they never advocated defunding the police. HA!

If you believe any of that nonsense I have a gender neutral swampland in Florida to sell you!

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