Lee Greenwood, American Icon, Makes “God Bless the USA” the Theme for a Bible

A patriot he certainly is. No one can question that. Lee Greenwood’s song celebrating the love of country is also now proclaiming his faith, exploring how the Scriptures are integral to America’s founding. Greenwod has created the “God Bless the USA” Bible, which is a King James translation of the Holy Scriptures with America’s founding documents in the addendum, showing how the two are related. Greenwood opened the Fox Summer Concert series this year on Memorial Day weekend, and I was privileged to sit down with him then to talk about The Good Book, how America’s foundations are tied to it, and why it’s important we never forget it. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Greenwood also talks about the Uvalde shooting, which had just occurred, and why he and many of his fellow musicians opted to cancel their appearances at the NRA conference. While he supports the Second Amendment, Greenwood says the tragedy made it a no brainer to bow out of the conference.