Andrew McCarthy Reacts To Unsealing Of FBI Warrant Used In Trump Search: ‘This Warrant Is Clearly Not Limited To Classified Information’

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Andrew McCarthy, Fox News Contributor, Former Assistant U.S. Attorney For Southern District Of NY joined the Guy Benson Show to react to the unsealing of the warrant used in the FBI raid of Former President Donald Trump’s Florida home. The unsealed warrant reveals the FBI took several sets of classified and top secret documents during the hours-long search at Mar-A-Lago.

McCarthy reacted to the contents of the warrant by saying,

“I think the most remarkable thing about it is it lays out three statutory violations. And just to just to give a little background on this, to get a search warrant, you have to have probable cause that a crime has been committed, not a violation. It’s got to be a statutory crime, a penal crime. So they lay out three crimes that involve classified information, including the Espionage Act. And then this is attachment B, by the way, of the warrant for people who want to go look at it. But they they then go on to describe what you’re allowed to take, what what the court is allowing the agents to take, which is supposed to be evidence of these violations of law. And I get down to doubleheader. What does it B. And it says any government and or presidential records created by the created between the first day of Trump’s term and the last day of Trump’s term, that refers guy to a violation of the Presidential Records Act. It doesn’t relate to classified information. The Presidential Records Act. Is not a criminal law. It’s not a penal or criminal violation. So to my mind, this warrant allows them to take everything that is a presidential record, regardless of whether it is marked as classified information or not, which to my mind, not. You always have to police yourself falling in love with your own theory. But I think they’re trying to collect as much information as they can in hopes of getting the motherlode on on some January six related crime that they can bring against Trump. This warrant is clearly not limited to classified information.”