Jessica Tarlov: Why Democrats Are Putting Such An Emphasis On Fighting Climate Change In The Inflation Reduction Act

Democratic strategist and co-host of “The Five” Jessica Tarlov joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to shed light on why lawmakers decided to make combating climate change one of the main focuses of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

“Part of climate change is also environmental justice. What that means is that depending on where you live, you have better conditions. The weather is the same. Like the sun will come out tomorrow. But it will affect, there’s a new piece in The New York Times, about the degree difference, the actual temperature degrees in East Harlem versus Midtown, and how much hotter it is because of the way the infrastructure has been built out there. So there are people out there that are going to have heatstroke that you’re not going to have if you’re in Midtown, let’s say. Or you look at, a great environmental justice example is Flint, Michigan.  Their pipes were messed up for years and years and they have a generation of kids that were poisoned by this. And the argument goes that if that had been like that out on Long Island or certainly in Downtown Manhattan, if those pipes had been like that there, it would have been fixed in two seconds.”

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