If the Democrats, the federal government and the sneaky slimy RINOs thought the raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate would sink him. They, once again, thought WRONG!

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It’s the kind of thing you hear about happening in third world countries, communist nations and banana republics, the almighty government weaponized against a political rival and disguised as “justice.”

Not only was the raid on Mar-A-Lago unjust, it was un-American and EVERY American should be terrified by the lengths the government is willing to go to torpedo someone they are hell-bent on destroying.

But if they thought this hit job was going to be the kill shot on Trump’s political future..WRONG-O!

In fact, millions more people are likely putting those MAGA hats back on as I speak. The bear has been poked and the fire has been fueled!

Shame on the FBI, shame on the DOJ and shame on those on the Left AND the Right who are quietly or even loudly cheering this on.

Make America JUST Again!

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