Demi Lovato She/Her

A year after changing her pronouns to they/them, singer Demi Lovato is a she/her again.

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A little over a year ago, Demi Lovato announced she was identifying as “non-binary” and changing her pronouns to they/them.

But now, she’s apparently had a change of heart and pronouns. Ahead of her new album launch later this month, she has decided to be referred to as she/her, AKA her birth and biological sex.

The reason for the change? Last year Demi noted she had a balance of masculine and feminine energy and was even unsure which bathroom to use because of it, but this year she’s feeling more feminine.

Is that really how this thing works? We get to change our gender based upon how we feel each day, month and year?

Listen, as free humans we are all welcome to be or identify however we please, be a potato for all I care.

HOWEVER, it’s rather unreasonable for folks to change their tune willy nilly and then expect everyone to follow suit.

We aren’t trying to “misgender” anyone, most of us just can’t quite frankly keep up with this woke changing of the tide!

It’s confusing! Sorry, not sorry!

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