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Dagen McDowell, anchor and analyst on the Fox Business Network and a business correspondent for the Fox News Channel to recap this week’s economic reports showing that the U.S economy is in a recession.

Dagen reacted to the second quarter GDP numbers saying,

Well, the United States is in a recession period. There hasn’t been at any time since 1947 where we’ve had two back to back quarters where the economy contracted, that a recession later on wasn’t declared. So you have not had a period of two quarters of contraction or a shrinking economy where it wasn’t a recession in the post-World War Two era.”

Dagen added,

“Everything that’s going on right now in this economy, it sucks. It sucks for individuals, it sucks for workers, it sucks for business owners, small business operators, CEOs on down the line, people in management. It is. They’ve created a world of suckatude it is a black hole of idiocy in Washington.”