Airline travel is a nightmare but would raising the pilot retirement age ease the problem?

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If you’ve flown at all this summer you know it’s a game of Russian roulette. Flights are not only expensive, but usually delayed, or delayed and then cancelled entirely.

Republican Congressman Chip Roy of Texas thinks his legislation raising the federal mandatory retirement age for airline pilots by two years will help ease this pain.

The bill bumps the retirement age from 65 to 67 and would allow experienced pilots to stay in the cockpit later in life, without being forced out due to government mandate.

If you recall, it was likely the government mandated shutdowns followed by COVID vaccine requirements that got us into this mile-high mess!

Democrats aren’t for raising the pilot retirement age. Our illustrious transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg believes it compromises safety.

Is Pete suggesting 67-year-old pilots are a safety risk? What does he have to say about our 79-year-old Commander in Chief?!

As usual, Democrats don’t have many solutions beyond the blame game so our travel nightmares are unlikely to end anytime soon!

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