A Historic and Deadly Heat Wave Across The Globe

A historic and deadly heat wave has taken its toll on Europe, and now Americans are facing record temperatures that threaten to push power grids to their limits and have sparked wildfires across 13 states. Fox News Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean joins to break down the extraordinary and dangerous heat wave people are seeing around the globe and shares important precautions you should take to stay safe. Later, Janice discusses her excitement surrounding the launch of her new podcast, ‘The Janice Dean Podcast.’

Inflation has hurt the pockets of Americans across the country. However, those with lower incomes have been hit especially hard by higher prices. Even during good times, many Americans rely on food banks, but now the current economic crisis is putting extra strain on them. Executive Director of Center for Lay Ministries Kara Brown joins the Rundown to discuss why she’s experiencing record demand at her food pantry, how inflation is impacting costs, and tips for how people can donate.

Plus, commentary by host of ‘The Ben Domenech Podcast,’ Ben Domenech.