Southwest Flight Attendant wins $5M Lawsuit

A Southwest flight attendant is awarded a whopping $5 million bucks after being fired for her abortion stance.

Free speech wins, again! I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Charlene Carter- a former southwest flight attendant can now put her money where her mouth is!

A Texas federal jury has awarded her $5 million in damages after she was fired for social posts on abortion that went against her union’s stance. .

In 2017 she discovered the union president attended the Women’s March in DC, which received funding from Planned Parenthood.

Carter criticized the union’s participation on social media and sent messages to the union leader threatening to support a recall effort against the president.

She was fired shortly thereafter, but that didn’t fly with Charlene! She sued the airline and her union and won!

In a time when free speech and religious liberty are under assault, it’s refreshing to see cases like this one!

Way to go, Charlene!

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