“Call It A Magic Wand If You Want”: Peter Doocy Chides White House For Taking Credit For Gas Price Drop Despite Blame Game

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Peter Doocy, Fox News Channel’s White House Correspondent joined the Guy Benson Show to talk about the Biden White House seemingly taking credit for the recent drop in gas prices. President Biden and administration officials have blamed the historic price hikes on greedy oil companies and Putin’s war in Ukraine.

Doocy reacted to the White House’s victory lap by saying,

“Well, now they’re saying, yeah, Putin was terrible and he still is. But we released some oil from the strategic reserves and we told those mean old gas station owners that they need to lower their prices. Right? Yeah. So they did. So now. Now we’re in control. call it a magic wand if you want. But Kate Bedingfield, the communications director, has a memo out today where she says right there in plain text, President Biden’s plan is working. And so, you know, just because they say that, I guess it’s up to the serious economists that said inflation was going to be temporary 365 days ago. To to weigh in on that.”