On this episode, Ben sits down with the winner of 16 Sports Emmy Awards and seven Edward R. Murrow Awards, FOX Sports journalist Tom Rinaldi to discuss his brand new podcast, Wesley, the story of the life and tragic death of former Major League Baseball player Lyman Wesley Bostock Jr.

Rinaldi breaks down his research and the compelling story of Wesley, the only player in MLB history to be murdered mid-season, and breaks down how he left a lasting impact on the game, so much that greats such as George Brett and Rod Carew still feel greatly affected by his death. Ben and Tom discuss the current state of sports media and gambling’s new impact on the sports world.

Later, Ben shares why he believes President Biden may be at a tipping point, as even mainstream outlets are now aggressively questioning the president’s effectiveness, and weighs in on who he believes may actually decide who the 2024 Democratic presidential nominee will be.

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