Exceeding Inflation Expectations

A rising tide might lift all boats but 9.1% is just making us all go broke!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Now when the monthly inflation report goes live, I just brace myself for the headline.

It usually reads like it did this month, “inflation up even more than expected.”

Yeah Joe Biden is exceeding expectations alright, unaffordable expectations.

Inflation now sits just over 9% as prices have increased on everything from gas. Rent, groceries and even dental care.

And to make matters worse, when you adjust for inflation, workers’ hourly wages dropped 1% in June and are down 3.6% from last year.

So let me get this straight, prices are up, wages are down and the Democrats still think we should vote for them in November?!

And they can’t keep blaming COVID or Donald Trump for this, either. It’s their policies that are to blame and to add insult to injury, there are no signs they plan to change course!

The ship is sinking and Americans don’t want to be on it when it goes down.

Drain the Democrats!

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