J.D. Vance, Ohio Senate Candidate, addressed the personal attacks from the left including MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Vance believes these people are completely disconnected from reality, but you have to accept this as the price of doing public service. Vance says he will happily go on the show after he wins in November. On his opponent Tim Ryan running as a moderate, Vance points out that Ryan has voted with President Biden 100% of the time and voted with Nancy Pelosi 98% of the time and has supported every radical position of the Democrats in the last couple of years. Vance also discussed why he is skeptical of supporting Ukraine in their war against Russia. Vance believes the war has revealed Putin is much weaker than we thought he was. Vance doesn’t think Putin is a good person but feels Russia does not have the ability to march all the way through Eastern Europe. Vance is not willing to put American resources or American lives on the line in Ukraine. Vance feels that this conflict should be a wakeup call because it has revealed how weak NATO is and how weak Western European countries are. Vance feels Europe has to step up and take some leadership and not just depend on the generosity of American taxpayers to foot their military bill.