AZ Law Limits Filming of Police

A new Arizona law prohibits bystanders from filming police from 8 feet or closer.

And of course, the social justice warriors are all in a tizzy.

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Arizona’s new law limits bystanders from filming officers from 8 feet or closer without the officer’s permission.

The penalty for breaking that perimeter is a simple misdemeanor and fine while jail time for such an offense is unlikely.

Many on the Left are up in arms about this law because- as usual- they don’t understand why shoving a phone in the face of an officer during an active crime scene, arrest or incident is dangerous for EVERYONE involved.

These film-crew wannabes can still film to their heart’s content, they just have to stay 8 feet back. And the subjects of the interaction are allowed to film so long as they aren’t being actively searched or arrested at the same time. Is that really too much to ask?

It’s hard enough to be an officer without agitators and social media vigilantes bum-rushing police on the scene.

This law isn’t designed to keep the public in the dark or to hide police activity, it’s designed to keep the area, incident, bystanders, officers and involved participants safe.

Good for Arizona!

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