Elon Musk backs out of his $44 billion dollar deal to acquire Twitter and Twitter isn’t happy about it.

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Late last week Musk announced he is terminating his deal to buy Twitter, citing the platform’s failure to hand over enough information on the spam bots and fake accounts.

Musk’s attorney said that failure is in breach of the terms but Twitter’s board doesn’t see it that way.

The board’s chairman tweeted the company will pursue legal action to complete the transaction and enforce the merger.

In response, Twitter stock took a plunge on Friday. Looks like the market wanted to see Musk take the reins, too.

Like all the free speech advocates out there, I was really hoping this deal would go off without a hitch. I thought Elon Musk could be a big help in the fight against big tech censorship and shadow-banning.

But I wonder if Musk really planned to go through with the purchase from the start. It feels like it could have been a publicity stunt that got our hopes up, only to come crashing down.

Will we ever see a day where social media platforms play fair and ALL voices are represented?

Is that asking too much? Maybe $44 billion dollars too much?

What a shame.

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