Can A Businessman Flip A Key Senate Seat Red?

Democrats are doing everything they can to prevent a red wave this November. In order to do so, they’re hoping to keep Colorado Senator Michael Bennet’s seat blue.  Joe O’Dea won the Republican primary last week. He joins the Rundown to discuss how he overcame attack ads from the left, why he believes it’s important to find middle ground when it comes to abortion, and why his background in business helps him to relate to Colorado voters during these tough economic times.

Instead of the traditional 5-day work week, some companies are experimenting with a 4-day week with no cut in pay. One U.K. non-profit is organizing a six-month trial involving 70 companies and 3,300 employees. CEO of 4 Day Week Global Joe O’Connor joins the Rundown to discuss how the trials have been going, the shortened work week’s boost on morale and productivity, and how adopting the new format can give companies a competitive edge when recruiting.

Plus, commentary by Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren.