The Nuclear Option: An Answer To American Energy Problems

The United States continues to face energy problems as the prices surge for oil, gasoline and natural gas. With the global economy forced to weather the spike in energy costs, many are looking for alternatives in the energy sector with nuclear energy getting a second look. Congressman Buddy Carter (R-GA) has introduced bipartisan legislation aimed at bolstering the American nuclear industry and he joins the Rundown to explain why he believes it could be a clean, powerful solution to the country’s energy problems and why it is necessary to confront China and Russia’s energy sectors.
Around the 4th of July, Americans across the country feel patriotic and are moved to donate to charities for U.S. service veterans who risked their lives defending the country’s freedom. While citizens may open their wallets for these veterans’ causes, FTC and charity regulators have found an increasing number of charity scams and misuses of donation funds. Chairman of the Charities For Vets advisory board, Retired Marine Colonel Pete Metzger joins the podcast to explain how his organization improves philanthropic education by promoting the charities doing good while exposing the ones misusing donations.
Plus, commentary by author and vice president of communications for Focus on The Family, Paul Batura.