One late night host prods Democrat Darling AOC on her 2024 plans.

Just what we need, another proud socialist in the White House.

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I don’t watch the Late Show with Stephen Colbert because it’s woke, it’s not funny, and it’s unwatchable but I couldn’t help but see the headlines about his interview with AOC.

Colbert asked the former bartender turned Congresswoman and full-blown socialist AOC if she is eyeing a run in 2024 due to Joe’s..uh.. issues.

Her response wasn’t a “yes” but it wasn’t a “NO,” either.

Look, I don’t like AOC’s political stances one bit and I personally think she’s unfit to serve BUT boy, I hope she runs.

The Democrats just might be tone-deaf and unaware enough to think moving all the way to the far Left fringe will work. I’d like to see them try!

AOC might be a social media darling for the Left, but when it comes to a general election outside of her DEEP blue district, well, she doesn’t stand a chance with the sane people still left in her party.

So I say, RUN AOC, RUN! Let’s make 2024 a cake walk for Trump, or DeSantis or whoever decides to throw their hat in the ring!

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