From Washington: Democrats Face Uphill Battle In Midterms

While it’s typical for the President’s party to lose seats during the midterms, Democrats are still fighting to maintain control of the House and the Senate this fall. As the party struggles to combat President Biden’s low approval rating, rising gas prices, and inflationary costs, many wonder if Democrats have what it takes to defeat the speculated ‘red wave’ in November. FOX News Political Analyst Juan Williams breaks down the strategy and messaging of the Democrats ahead of election season, what issues matter most to voters, and the best way to attract swing voters.
With the midterm elections fast approaching, many are closely watching to see what’s in store for the 2024 Presidential Election. As President Biden and the Democrats fight to maintain their majority in the House and Senate, former President Trump has been holding rallies and making endorsements in key races across the country, putting their political strength to the test. Managing Editor for Sabato’s Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia Center for Politics Kyle Kondik joins to discuss who presents a challenge to President Biden, what platform former President Trump may campaign on, and what information is helpful in determining success in 2024.