RedSox’s Tanner Houck: HIS BODY HIS CHOICE!

Liberals and Redsox fans alike blame unvaccinated Tanner Houck for the team’s loss against The Blue Jays.

I’m Tomi Lahren and I’m fired up. More, next.

Red Sox pitcher Tanner Houck is the best reliever in Boston’s bullpen but he wasn’t able to throw a pitch against the Blue Jays on Tuesday night because he’s not even allowed to enter Canada!

Why? His PERSONAL decision to remain unvaccinated.

So, of course, the liberals in sports media along with Redsox fans are blaming him for the blown save and the loss to Toronto that followed.

Um, excuse me?! What happened to “my body, my choice?!”

It isn’t Tanner’s fault, it’s Major League Baseball’s! The MLB should’ve stood by its players from the get-go and told Canada its mandatory vaccination rule wasn’t going to fly!

The vaccine mandate is the most worthless mandate in all of sports. The vaccine, in however many doses, does not prevent infection or spread! Why does it matter that Tanner Houck isn’t vaccinated? How is his personal decision hurting anyone else?

It’s not! The MLB should get some baseballs and tell Canada it better play ball and include ALL players, regardless of vax status!

So if RedSox fans want someone to be angry with, pick the league itself!

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