2A Wins and Losses

The second amendment was bolstered and then took a blow, all in the same week.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Earlier last week gun rights advocates cheered when the Supreme Court delivered a great victory for the second amendment and a big blow to the concealed carry infringements in New York.

But then, not long after, Congress popped that bubble when it passed a bipartisan gun control measure signed into law by President Biden over the weekend.

The bill doesn’t outright ban any guns or put capacity restrictions on magazines, thank goodness.

It does expand background checks, close a couple purchasing loopholes and allocates billions for school safety and mental health. None of that is necessarily bad ON ITS FACE.

But will this bill solve anything? That’s the question. Will it bring down crime In already gun-restricting lawless cities like Chicago, Philly, LA, or New York? No. Because those committing the gun crimes there don’t follow the law to begin with!

So when it doesn’t solve the problem, what’s next? More infringements? You bet your bottom dollar! And that’s why we can’t afford another chipping away at 2A!

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