No More JUULs!

After a two year investigation the The FDA is set to ban JUUL e-cigarettes.

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After 2 years the FDA is finally set to ban those disgusting JUUL vape pens.

Now this doesn’t mean all vape pens will be banned, sadly.

The FDA has had its sights set on JUUL specifically for the brand’s alleged targeting of underage smokers. They are often marketed as a “healthier” option but still linked to lung problems and other health issues.

While JUUL stopped making sweet and fruity flavors, that wasn’t enough for regulators.

And while I’m not usually on the side of “regulators,” this particular move makes me happy.

Not only are they dangerous and unhealthy, those nicotine pods loved by Millennials and Gen-Zrs alike are downright annoying, in my opinion.

Every time I see a young person sucking on one of those USB-looking things, I cringe. Why on earth would anyone want to suck flavored air out of a pen like that? Just gross!

This is a win for health and a win for public decency.

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