A bipartisan group of Senators have been hard at work creating gun framework following the shooting at Robb Elementary. As negotiators attempt to turn the proposals into a bill, there still remains unresolved issues. Congressman Tony Gonzales (R-TX) who represents Uvalde’s district has been discussing this framework with Texas Senator Cornyn, the lead Republican negotiator. He joins to discuss the framework being developed in the Senate, why he’s focusing on mental investments, and how the community of Uvalde is healing following the tragedy at Robb Elementary.
As Americans struggle to make ends meet while feeling pain at the pump, one factor contributing to the soaring gas prices has been limited refinery capacity within the United States. President Biden has favored green energy policies while placing limitations on the refining industry, leading to many of the struggles they face today. Senior Energy Analyst at The Price Futures Group, Phil Flynn breaks down how past and current policies have impacted the oil industry, the impact it’s having on taxpayers, and what the Federal Government should do to remedy the issue.