Peter Doocy On White House’s Attempt To Downplay U.S Record Inflation Rate

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Peter Doocy, Fox News Channel’s White House Correspondent joined the Guy Benson Show to react to the Biden White House’s attempt to spin America’s extremely high inflation rate by comparing it to other countries.

Doocy explained his questioning of the WH press secretary’s attempt to spin the President’s remarks by saying,

“The line from the White House and the president on down, they say the United States is better positioned like the fundamentals of the U.S. economy. Basically, long term, we have more going for us than all these other countries. That’s probably true, but that’s not what the president said. And so if you’re going to try to sugarcoat something, have it be something that’s harder to look up than just inflation rates in other countries. And she also said that. I need to check the transcript. But she said something to the effect today in response to my question of, well, we have lower inflation than the rest of the G-7, but I’m looking at it. Germany has lower inflation than us. France has lower inflation than US. Canada has lower inflation than us. That’s three of the seven.”