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Shannon Bream, chief legal correspondent & anchor of FOX News @ Night with Shannon Bream joined the Guy Benson Show to provide an update on several stories surrounding the Supreme Court. Including the latest opinions released, the plot to murder Justice Kavanagh, and the search for who leaked the draft opinion of the upcoming abortion case.

Bream gave an update on the SCOTUS opinion leak saying,

“What I’ve been told from internal deliberations, a couple of things. First of all, that the five are still together, at least. At the last point I was updated and also that there was no expediting of the case internally. There was no call for those dissents to get in earlier because, of course, you know, the majority draft is it is circulated. You wait for the defense to come in. They have their chance to respond. And then the majority gets a chance to wrap it up all in a bow and respond to the dissent. And then you get ultimately what everybody votes for and puts out the door. And I’m told that the dissents were not expedited, that they took their time getting them in. So that leads me to think this would traditionally end at the end of the month, as we would think. But again, knowing there’s that pressure, because there are actual threats on people’s lives to get this thing out the door, I, I do think it’ll probably be the last week of June, but we’re prepared every day just in case it is earlier. No update on the leaker. And, you know, there is a there is a conversation about does the chief wait until everything is out the door? You get those cases out and then say, here’s what we found. I think my guess is that’s how he would prefer to do things. But remember, if it does in any way involve the clerks after July, they go on to their next job.”