Liberal Privilege Pelosi

If you’re Paul Pelosi, you can drive under the influence, so long as you HAVE influence.

His DUI debacle is the definition of LIBERAL PRIVILEGE!

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Over two weeks ago, Paul Pelosi, husband of Democratic Denmother Nancy Pelosi, was arrested and booked for a DUI. A DUI that resulted in a 2 car collision, mind you.

Thank goodness no one was hurt, and thanks to stonewalling by the California Highway Patrol and Napa County officials, looks like the Pelosi name will go relatively unscathed as well.

It took over 2 weeks for officials to release the mugshot and only after a Freedom of information Request was granted.

But the DA is still withholding the dash and body cam footage as well any content from the drunk tank.

Can you imagine if this had been the husband of a prominent Republican?

Heck, if Paul was ANY regular Joe in California, we would’ve had access to the details weeks ago!

But why not in this case? Well it seems pretty obvious to me, a little thing called LIBERAL PRIVILEGE!

Democrats in high places, seem to get out of this type of thing Scott-free!


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