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Congressman Tony Gonzales (R-TX-23) joined the Guy Benson Show to talk about how the city of Uvalde is healing after last month’s tragic shooting and discuss what a group of bipartisan lawmakers are proposing to help prevent mass shootings from happening.

Congressman Gonzales reacted to the proposed gun bill framework by saying,

“Yeah, first off, it’s not a gun control package. It is a mental health package. You’re going to see that this this bill is going to have is going to invest more in mental health than at any other point in our nation’s history. So when we always talk about getting to the root of it, getting preventative instead of reacting in a reactionary. That’s what it’s going to do. I think a large part of this bill is going to be devoted to mental health. Mental health clinics, especially in rural America, that they don’t have the resources. You’re going to see additional resources towards telemedicine. This is what you’re not going to see in there. This is what’s not in there. There are no hardware bands. That’s key. There’s no age restriction. That’s key. There’s no universal background checks. That’s key. I mean, they really there’s no magazine bans. I mean, this isn’t a gun bill.”

When asked if he would vote YES on the Senate’s bipartisan bill, Gonzales said,

“Look, I’m a yes, but I’m with everyone else. I mean, you got to make sure you got to see this thing all the way through.”