Newt Gingrich & The False Flags Of The January 6th Committee

On this episode, Ben shares conversations with former Speaker of The House, Newt Gingrich, and Senior Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, Mike Gonzales, while hosting FOX Across America on FOX Talk.

Speaker Gingrich breaks down the issues he has with the January 6th committee, as well as why he believes that the partisan politicization of the hearings has become irresponsible. Plus, the Speaker gives an outlook for how many seats he believes the Republicans will pick up in November.

Later Mike Gonzales discusses his concern about the efforts of a group partially funded by billionaire George Soros to purchase a significant portion of Hispanic radio stations.

Plus, Ben shares his analysis of how the January 6th committee hearings have gone so far, and what significance he believes the committee’s findings will have going forward.

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