January 6th Hearings

The January 6th hearings continue this week but question, when are the hearings for the George Floyd “Justice” summer of love 2020 riots that destroyed cities and cost taxpayers $1 billion plus in damages?

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The political theatre of the January 6th hearings is nothing more than a sorry attempt by the Democrats to distract from the failed leadership of the failed president they brought into the White House.

With inflation at a 40-year-high, are these hacks in Congress really tone-deaf enough to believe another witch hunt, another dog and pony show, and another self-indulgent taxpayer-funded distraction is what the American people want?


Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t just a distraction technique, it’s another witch hunt waged against the man and former president the Democrat Party is still terrified of.

They are petrified of a Trump 2024 comeback and will do anything to torpedo the possibility, even if it comes at the literal expense of the American people.

What a farce.

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