Wherever you stand on the controversy over denying Catholic politicians Holy Communion because of their stance on abortion, one conservative priest has a totally non-political take on this ever-growing dispute. Fr. Gerald Murray, who by all accounts is no close compadre of the Speaker of the House, says Nancy Pelosi is blessed. Why blessed? Because, he says, she has an Archbishop who cares enough about her eternal soul to decree that she should no longer receive the Holy Eucharist in her home Archdiocese of San Francisco. Not too long-ago Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone made public his ongoing, but private, spat with Pelosi over her staunch support of abortion rights. The Catholic Church considers abortion to be a grave sin for those who have one or for those who aid in its continuance. It’s a sin that jeopardizes a person’s promise of heaven. While many in the church have accused clergy like Cordileone of ‘weaponizing the Eucharist’, Murray says people should understand it from the point of view of a Shepherd caring for his flock. You can read the article here… Listen to Fr. Murray explain it, and also talk about how Pope Francis is molding the Catholic Church with 21 new Cardinals. Fr. Murray heads the United Nations parish, Church of the Holy Family in Manhattan.