Wealthy taxpayers are fleeing high tax states in favor of tax-friendly FREE states. Go figure!

Which 5 states were the biggest losers in this big wealth migration?

I’m Tomi Lahren, find out next!

New York, California, Illinois, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

According to IRS data, those are the five states that lost the most net income as their wealthy residents fled and continue to flee to better, cheaper, and FREEer states!

I wonder why..could it be that those states are high-tax and high-regulation?

And where did these wealthy residents head to?

Florida, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina and my new home state of Tennessee!

All states that tend to have lower taxes, making them not only business friendly but more affordable for all income categories.

Looks like Americans are voting with their feet but as a conservative resident of deep RED Tennessee, I just ask that all of my fellow blue state transplants remember why they left their states and vote accordingly!

Please don’t California my Tennessee!

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