Elon Musk is threatening to pull out of his Twitter purchase.

Of all the things currently wrong with the platforms, it’s the bots that could BOTCH this whole deal.

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Free speech advocates were cautiously optimistic when Elon Musk made a run at buying
Twitter, but we can’t celebrate just yet.

While the platform insists bots make up only 5% of its active user base, Musk isn’t gonna just take their word for it and is threatening to walk away if Twitter doesn’t cough up data on spam and fake accounts.

Musk was set to dole out $44 billion for the platform, some on Wall Street are speculating his issues are less about the bots and more about buyer’s remorse!

Still, I’d like to know how many bots are on Twitter and how many of them bolster Liberal accounts, but if Musk really wants to do a public service, he should not only demand spam data, but more importantly, he should EXPOSE the algorithms in place that stifle free speech and conservative voices!

Expose the bots AND the BS, Elon!

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