A climate change activist ties herself to the net at the French Open.

What did her performative stunt accomplish for the actual environment?

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Self-aggrandizing political activism is nothing new in sports but this time, it wasn’t a whiny athlete taking a stand, or a knee.

It was a young female climate change activist wearing a shirt that read “We have 1028 days left” who interrupted the action at the French Open, ran onto the court and tied herself to the net with metal wires before being removed.

Other than disrupting the semi-finals and drawing attention to HERSELF, it’s unclear what that stunt or any like it have done to save or better the actual environment.

And that’s the issue I have with all of these self-indulgent performances. Instead of using their time to clean, preserve or better Mother Earth, these radical activists instead plan and coordinate publicity stunts to make themselves feel important, like they’ve really done something.

Well newsflash, you haven’t! It’s an empty virtue signal that does little more than cheapen the stance you claim to fight for and make a mockery of an event others paid to attend.

Go clean a beach or plant a tree, this woke theatre ain’t it!

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