Michael W. Smith’s greatest cheerleader in life was his father, Paul Smith. He supported him in his passion for music, even though his own talents were in sports. What a unique relationship that is. A father who not only lets his son find his passion in life, even if its different from his own.. but encourages him to pursue it wholeheartedly. But that was Paul Smith, who passed away in 2015, leaving the Grammy Award winning Christian artist with a huge hole in his heart. However, Paul Smith gave his son a legacy that death could not take away; a faith in his Heavenly Father, that will last into eternity. Fathers have an incredibly powerful influence on their children. Even their absence is felt as a profound loss in a child’s soul. And then there are fathers who are physically present but emotionally distant, unapproachable, or even abusive. They too have a profound influence on their children. Theological experts say, a child’s view and relationship with their earthly father has a correlation to how the child sees God. Authoritative or permissive, judgmental, or loving… all these have influence. Michael W. Smith, says his father, although not perfect, was the quintessential father, who sacrificed so much of himself to serve not only him but his mother and grandmother. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Smith talks about his father and the book he wrote that honors him called, ‘The Way Of The Father: Lessons From My Dad, Truths About God”. The truth is, we all need our fathers. They play a vital role in our lives, yet today’s society would have us believe they are unnecessary. But every study shows that when fathers are present, supportive, and loving, to their children, children thrive. The tragedy of course is, not all children have earthly fathers they can rely on. And that, says Michael W. Smith is why a Heavenly Father is all the more important. To know the Father is to be known down to the depths of your being, and at the same time, loved unconditionally. That is the Way of Thee Father.