Martha MacCallum On The Pomp And Circumstance Of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Martha MacCallum, executive editor & anchor of The Story 3pm ET & Fox News Politics co-anchor joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss her coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee from London.

MacCallum detailed some of history of the Queen’s life by saying,

“It is amazing. And, you know, when she started at the age of 25 and remember, she was never expected to be in the line or to be queen. She was the daughter of the brother of the king and the person who was expected to rule for four decades. But then, um, Edward the eighth went off with Wallis Simpson, his American divorcee, and left the family and left the throne open for Elizabeth Dad. So when she took over at 25, um, Winston Churchill was in his second term as Prime Minister. He was her first prime minister that she worked with or she would say who worked under her. She always says, my prime minister and. Harry Truman was still in office. Joseph Stalin was in leadership in Russia. So that’s that’s where things were when she began. So she just has such an enormous breadth of history and experience with 14 prime ministers. And she has been queen as long as 14 U.S. presidents. So it’s pretty hard to find someone really in the world who has a more kind of comprehensive look at the history of the last 70 years.”