(Evelyn Hockstein/Pool via AP)

Billy Bush joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss the jury verdict awarding Johnny Depp 10 million dollars in his libel lawsuit against Amber Heard. Bush feels that this case resonated with many in the public, especially women, who said you cannot do what Heard did to Depp or to a human being. Bush says the jury didn’t just rule against Amber Heard, they said she is maliciously lying to promote her and her career. Bush believes the jury could not have been more definitive in their verdict because there was no hemming or hawing, there was only three days of deliberation. When asked if he thinks there will be movie offers for Depp and Heard, Bush says there is word that Tim Burton, who Depp has a long relationship with, will cast him in Beetlejuice 2. For Heard, Bush says she has deals on two movies, one she plays a psychiatrist in the 1890’s and another about a serial killer. Bush believes Heard’s biggest problem is the petition with nearly 5 million signatures to have her removed completely from Aquaman 2.

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