Gen. Jack Keane: Putin Has Not Given Up The Goal To Take Control Of The Ukrainian Government And Topple The Capital City Of Kyiv

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

General Jack Keane, retired 4 star general, chairman of the Institute for the Study of War and Fox News senior strategic analyst joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the long term strategy of the war in Ukraine, as Russian forces start to gain territory.

General Keane gave his analysts of the current state of the war by saying,

I do believe that Putin has never given up the goal, which now would have to be aspirational, to topple the country, take control of the government, and that means the capital city. He does not that would be impossible for him to do any anytime soon. He just doesn’t have the combat forces to be able to do something on a scale like that. But I do think that they think time is on their side. This is the Russians. They believe that Ukrainian fatigue will set in.”