Rep. Mike Waltz: Beto O’Rourke’s Political Hack Stunt Has Backfired On Him

Congressman Mike Waltz (R-FL) tells Brian Kilmeade Beto O’Rourke’s stunt backfired on him when he confronted Texas Governor Greg Abbott and others during a press conference on the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Waltz says O’Rouke used the age-old political hack approach of any publicity is good publicity but believes Americans are tired of these types of politics and want us to come together in times like these. Waltz would love to hear President Biden trying to get to the heart of the issue and the conditions that lead to these shootings. Waltz points to violent video games, society thinking it is abuse when parents are stern or discipline their children and that it is some type of abuse telling criminals they can commit violent crime and not be held accountable. Waltz also discussed diverting the $150 billion funding that went to schools under Covid relief toward hardening schools to protect our kids. When asked about pushing the age to buy a gun from 18-21, Waltz says Florida has done that and it should be left for the states to handle themselves.