A shooter entered an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas and opened fire, killing at least 18 students and one adult. President Biden addressed the nation about this tragedy saying, “As a nation we have to ask when in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby, I am sick and tired of it — we have to act.” Former FBI investigator and international security consultant Bill Daly joins the Rundown to discuss why we continue to see shootings like these occur, how the U.S. can use valuable resources to make schools hard targets and how this tragedy may spark further discussion about gun control.

President Biden has been aiming to put an end to Title 42, a policy from the Trump administration which prevented migrants from entering the U.S. during the Covid-19 pandemic. Although a federal judge blocked the Biden administration from lifting Title 42, Republicans have warned that this could lead to a surge at the southern border with more than 200,000 entering illegally just last month. FOX News National Correspondent Bill Melugin joins the Rundown to discuss what he’s been seeing at the border, why border agents are overwhelmed, and how one migrant is raising national security concerns.

Plus, commentary by Guy Benson, host of ‘The Guy Benson Show.’