“Mediating institutions, such as the family, churches, and Fraternal organizations, feed the life of the civic community. They stand between the individual and the state. And when they recede, the state fills the vacuum.” – Archbishop Charles Chaput

That’s a quote from an article in “First Things” magazine written by the retired Archbishop of Philadelphia, Charles Chaput. If you’re not familiar with him, just know that he is student of political and American history, as well as a keen observer of political discourse, especially when it concerns the Catholic Church and Christianity as a whole. He knows his stuff. And for all his political involvement in calling out the hypocrisy of Catholic politicians and getting involved in the political fight over abortion and gender, he was pretty much shunned by Pope Francis, who Chaput was told didn’t want any more bishops like him. But even though retired, Chaput hasn’t stopped adding his voice to the public square. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Chaput talks about his article in “First Things,” called “Fire Upon the Earth“, and how America is at a critical precipice concerning her weakened religious foundations of which the state is taking advantage by inserting itself as the authority over theological beliefs. Issues like ‘conscience rights’ of medical professionals, ‘parental rights’ and the public schools, they’re all being attacked. And the irony is they’re being attacked by the very institution charged with protecting them… the government. So, what’s the solution? Chaput says, it’s what it has always been, faith in Jesus Christ; to know Him, His character, His love, His mercy, and to teach your children the same.