On Thursday, the Senate voted to advance another $40 billion aid package for Ukraine, the largest since Russia’s invasion in February. The aid, consisting of both humanitarian and military assistance, received strong bipartisan support, though 11 GOP members opposed the package citing high costs and the potential for a new conflict. Congresswoman Victoria Spartz (R-IN), the first Ukrainian-born member of Congress joins to explain what assistance Ukraine needs from the United States, as well as the disagreements about aid within her own party.
This week, President Joe Biden embarked on his first trip to Asia during his time in office, making stops in both South Korea and Japan. The president is hoping the trip will help to redirect the countries away from China’s influence and bolster alliances on the continent. Ali Wyne, Senior Analyst with Eurasia Group’s Macro-Geopolitics Practice, reveals what to expect from the President’s trip, discusses what the United States alliances look like with the two countries, and how his trip could help shape domestic goals.