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Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) joined the Guy Benson Show to explain why he voted against a twenty-eight million dollar bill for the FDA to address the baby formula crisis.

Congressman Crenshaw explained his vote by saying,

“The Democrats in full Democrat typical liberal fashion think that they can solve every complex issue with just throwing money at it. And so this bill was $28 million that really just go straight to the FDA. So this assumes that the reason that the FDA has not been able to solve this crisis quicker is because of lack of funding, which isn’t true. Right. It’s incompetence. It’s overregulation.”

Crenshaw added,

“This $28 million dollars to the FDA would do nothing. It would do absolutely. It would have zero impact on the current crisis. You’re basically rewarding an agency that has failed. Bureaucrats have failed to do anything to solve the current crisis. They haven’t really moved in an expedient manner and in a way that they need to. And why would this bill just reward them.”