Dr. Marty Makary On Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried About Recent Monkeypox Outbreak

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Dr. Marty Makary, Fox News Contributor, Surgeon, and Professor Of Health Policy At The Johns Hopkins School Of Public Health joined the Guy Benson Show to ease minds over recent headlines about outbreaks of ‘Monkeypox’ being reported in the U.S and Europe.

Dr. Makary explained why you shouldn’t be too worried about the recent Monkeypox outbreak saying,

“Well, we’ve all got raw memories and nobody wants to hear about another infectious disease. But the good news is, and I’ll say this is sort of the headline I’d want people to know is that monkeypox is not a very contagious infection at all. Matter of fact, human to human transmission is extremely difficult. And there have been sporadic cases really since 1958 when it was first described in the DRC. There was a bit of a outbreak, if you will, in Nigeria in 2017 of 450 cases. We’ve got one in Massachusetts reported yesterday that we know of. Europe has reported a couple of dozen cases and looking into some more, some have not had travel outside of the U.K., which is causing some to wonder, maybe did it start there? But it’s a 2 to 4 week flu like illness condition where you get bumps on your skin. And that’s characteristic of pox like infections, again, does not spread readily or easily among humans.”