Senator Tom Cotton: If China Sees The US Faltering In Ukraine They Will Go For The Jugular In Taiwan

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) spoke to Brian Kilmeade about the reasons he feels it is important to pass the $40 billion security assistance package for Ukraine. Cotton says the funding goes to our own military to ensure that our troops have the weapons and munitions they need. Cotton believes what we’re doing to support Ukraine is very similar to what Ronald Reagan did to support Afghanistan when Russia invaded it in the 1980s. Cotton also points to how it is not just Vladimir Putin and Europe that’s watching but the rest of the world is also watching what happens in Ukraine. Cotton believes if China sees the United States and the West faltering and pressing Ukraine to sue for peace while Russian troops are still on Ukrainian soil, China is much more likely to go for the jugular in Taiwan.

Plus, Senator Cotton previews his upcoming book “Only The Strong: Reversing The Left’s Plot To Sabotage American Power