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Governor Glenn Youngkin, Republican Governor of Virginia joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss what his state is doing to increase protection for Supreme Court Justices targeted by protesters at their homes and what his administration is doing to bring down the violent crime rate.

Governor Youngkin explained what his administration is doing to tackle violent crime by saying,

“What we’re seeing now is that that particular violence and crime is really dedicated into some real concentrated urban areas. And there cities in Virginia that are some of the most violent in the nation, sadly. Richmond, Petersburg, Newport News. Hampton. Norfolk, Roanoke. These are these are tough cities when it comes to violent crime today. And we’ve launched a violent crime task force where we, in fact, have been convening high level meetings with leadership to make sure that we, in fact, are bringing together local resources, state resources and federal resources targeted towards really stopping this violent crime. And we’ve already seen immediate actions taken where our state police has been cooperating mightily with the city of Petersburg. We’ve enhanced patrols were patrolling those most violent areas. And and while the crime doesn’t stop overnight, we are confident that an increased presence of law enforcement will, in fact, have the desired effect of bringing down the crime rate.”