Josh Rogin joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss the latest on Ukraine and the important lessons we need to learn as China looks to potentially invade Taiwan. Rogin points to the early mistakes when the Biden administration was too slow to get Ukraine the weapons and equipment needed because they felt Ukraine would be crushed by Russia. Rogin feels Ukraine showing the ability to fight back against Russia should show America and the world the need to not make the same mistakes with Taiwan. Rogin believes we need to make sure we give Taiwan the weapons they need for territorial defense and that means stingers and javelins and mines in their water and all that stuff that we’re giving to the Ukrainians. Rogin also discussed NIH acting director Lawrence Tabak confirming that US health officials concealed early genome sequences of COVID at the request of Chinese scientists. Rogin said it is crazy we still need congress to pry basic information from Anthony Fauci, the NIH and NIAID to give us all the information on the origins of the pandemic. Rogin call it a huge stain on our government, media and congress because there is no curiosity about the origins and what was happening at the Wuhan labs in China.