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Jennifer Griffin, National Security correspondent for Fox News Channel joined the Guy Benson Show to react to the significance of both Finland and Sweden applying to join the Western alliance of NATO.

Griffin reacted to the news that the two Nordic counties will apply to join the NATO pack by saying,

Absolutely seismic and historic. Think about it. Sweden has been neutral since the Napoleonic wars. It’s more than 200 years. Finland has been neutral since the end of World War Two. This is this is a this was unthinkable months ago. In fact, polls inside Finland showed that only 20% of the Finns supported joining NATO’s prior to Russia’s invasion on February 24th after the invasion. That rose to 80% of Finnish support. The public sentiment in Finland and Sweden, the fear and the the belief that unless they are a part of NATO’s, that they are not safe from Russia’s and Putin’s expansionist vision.”