As the abortion battle grows to a fever pitch pending the expected Supreme Court ruling, a new pro-life documentary takes a broad look at abortion; its history, morality, philosophy, and its politics… And targets the church as part of the problem and the solution. “The Matter of Life” ads have been banned from Facebook for content. Filmmaker Tracy Robinson faults the far-left ideology of tech companies. But that hasn’t swayed Robinson, who less than a decade ago was a pro-choice Evangelical. And she knows there are many more like her. The film highlights that 4 in 10 women who had abortions were attending churches the month of their procedures. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Robinson explains how she came to be staunchly pro-life and that there are many Christians who were like her, getting their information from a secular point of view, not the Church. And that’s why the film says that Christians’ real abortion battle is in the pews, not in the public square. The film is set for a Fathom release this week (May 16th & 17th), as the country is reeling from the unprecedented leak of the High Court’s opinion signaling a possible downfall of Roe v. Wade. Robinson is compassionate and understanding of the pro-choice position having been in that camp for most of her life, but she says without a doubt that abortion “degrades the body of Christ.”